2021 Convention

Schedule of Events

Sunday July 11

3:00p Memorial Service

First Christian Church (512 2nd St Brownsville, PA 15417)

5:00p Past Presidents' Banquet (social hour)

6:00p Dinner is served.

Brownsville Sons of Italy Lodge (16 Race St Brownsville, PA 15417)

These two locations are adjacent to each other. You can park in either the church lot or the Sons of Italy lot and be within walking distance for both events.

Events Monday through Thursday will be held at South Brownsville VFD on Water Street.

Events Friday & Saturday will be downtown, located a Snowdon Square & the Cast Iron Amphitheater.

Monday July 12

5:30p Registration begins

6:00p Bucket Brigade Competition

7:30p Childrens Bucket Brigade

Tuesday July 13

5:30p Registration begins

6:00p Truck Pull & Tug of War Competition

Wednesday July 14

5:30p Registration begins

6:00p Stationary Hose Lay Competition

7:30p Children's Battle of the Barrel

Thursday July 15

5:30p Registration begins

6:00p Forcible Entry & Gear Scramble Competition

Friday July 16

5:30p Registration begins

6:00p Battle of the Barrel Competition

9:00p Live Band -- Hollow Point (until around midnight)

Saturday July 17 (LAST UPDATED: 7:25pm)

8:00a Battle of the Barrel

Those who have battled will remain in their place on the bracket. Team Captains who wish to participate tomorrow should be here no later than 7:45am.

10:00a Annual Meeting

Brownsville Son's of Italy (16 Race Street Brownsville)

10:00a Vender Booths Open in Snowdon Square

11:00a Entertainment at Cast Iron Amphitheatre (11:00 AM - 2:00 PM)

12:00p Lunch & Election of new association officers

1:00p Meeting reorganized, Swearing in of New Officers

3:00p Live Entertainment at Cast Iron Amphitheatre

3:00p Parade: Line up at SBVFD

4:00p Parade starts

6:00p Trophy Presentation

7:00p Live Entertainment at Cast Iron Amphitheatre by "Straight Shooter" w. special guest "Whiskey Business"

Fireworks at dusk.

Event Results

Monday July 12

Bucket Brigade Competition - Scaffolding

1st Place: Smock (1:08)

2nd Place: Hopwood (1:18)

Bucket Brigade Competition - House

1st Place: Hopwood, Young Group (55.7 sec)

2nd Place: Hopwood, Old Group (1:10)

3rd Place: Smock (1:16)

Tuesday July 13

-- Tug of War --

1st Place: Isabella (guys)

2nd Place: Allison #2

3rd Place: Isabella (girls)

-- Truck Pull --

1st Place: Hiller (25 sec)

2nd Place: Isabella (34 sec)

3rd Place: Alison #2 (35 sec)

Wednesday July 14

-- Stationary Hose Lay --

1st Place: Hopwood #1 (40 sec)

2nd Place: Isabella (48 sec)

3rd Place: Dunbar (1:17)

Thursday July 15



1st Dakota Ditmore (17) 1:30

2nd Will McShane (17) 1:53

3rd Evan Hair (16) 2:48

4rd Katrina Campbell (15) 3:20

MEMBER 18-30

1st Christian Hicks (19) 1:07

2nd Tai Mickens (22) 1:26

3rd Josh Nypaver (27) 1:30

4th Ryan McShane (26) 1:35

5th Cody Fisher (30) 1:49

6th Gus Maddas (19) 2:14

MEMBER 31-45

1st Steve Campbell (35) 1:42

DNF Jay Brooks (41)

DNF Kyle Feconda (43)


No Competition


1st Morrell (David Allen & Jacob Hair) 34 sec

2nd Hopwood (Kevin Kurtz & Ryan McShane) 37 sec

3rd Dunbar (Cody Fisher & Gus Maddas) 46 sec

4th Hopwood (Rick Ditmore & Tai Mickens) 48 sec

5th Hopwood (Dakota Ditmore & Jeremy Fike) 53 sec

6th Isabella (Thomas Baker & Larry Furlong) 54 sec

7th Morrell (Evan Hair & Jacob Rock) 55 sec

8th Hopwood (Scott McShane & Josh Nypaver) 58 sec

9th Allison #2 (Katrina Campbell & Steven Campbell) 1:03