5 Engine 2

1998 Ferrara Custom Engine

This unit is primarily designated for larger fire responses such as structural fires and commercial fire alarms.

1000 Gallon Poly Tank

1250 GPM Hale Pump

5 Scott Nx97 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Scott Thermal Imaging Camera with Pak-Tracker

Scott RIT Pak

Hi-Rise Kit with 150' 1-3/4" hand line with Gated Wye

550' 1-3/4" Pre-connected hand line

Numerous Hand Tools

4" LDH Supply Line

Pro-Pak Foam System

5 Engine 3

2016 Dodge 5500 - Light Engine/Rescue

Unit was designed and constructed by 4-Guys (Meyersdale, PA) on behalf of Flashover Fire. This unit is our primary response unit for most alarms, such as medical calls, public services calls (downed trees, etc). Due to the variety of equipment placed on this unit, it serves as a multi-purpose vehicle and can respond on all alarms and be able to handle 90% of our alarms.

First fire call: A17-044 on February 24, 2017

800mHz Digital Mobile Radio

VHF Analog Mobile Radio

(2) VHF Analog Portable Radios

250 Gallons of Water

8 Gallons of Class A Foam

(1) pre-connected 1" rubber hose reel (200ft)

(1) pre-connected 1 3/4" Hoseline (150ft)

150ft of 2-1/2" NPSH Hoseline

8000lb portable winch, accessible to all four sides of unit

Accountability Board

250lb oil dry hopper w/ bucket

(2) Streamlight handlights

14" Pipe Wrench

18" Pipe Wrench

Class II Full Body Harness for Rope Rescue

(1) 50ft Water Rescue Throw Bag

(1) Bag: 150ft Rescue Rope

(2) Type III Water Rescue PFD's

Small Toolbox of Hand Tools

1 - 1/2" Spare Nozzle

1 - 3/4" Spare Nozzle

Salvage Covers

BLS Equipped Medical Bag w/ AED

Cervical Spine Immobilization Equipment

Mass Casualty Kit

Pet/Animal Oxygen Masks

(2) 1-1/2" Spare Hose

(1) 2-1/2" NPSH 50ft Hose

(1) 2-1/2" NH 50ft Hoseline

Spanner Wrenches & Hydrant Wrench

Small Halligan Bar

Small Mini Sledge Hammer

18" Chainsaw

Leaf Blower

Genesis Combi-Tool w/ Hydraulic Power Unit

Cribbing of multiple sizes

Electric Exhaust Fan

Landing Zone Lights


(2) Struts w/ accessories

Multiple lengths of chain


150ft mounted extension cord w/ multiple plugs

(3) Scott 4500psi, 45 minute SCBA's

Shovels & Brooms

(1) Water Can

(1) ABC Class Fire Extinguisher

Set of Irons

8ft section of Hard Suction

10ft Attic Ladder

10ft Roof Ladder

(2) Pike Poles

New York Roof Hook

5 Rescue

1994 KME Rescue w/ SWAB box

This unit is designated for larger or a specific type rescue function, such as motor vehicle crash with occupants who are trapped in their car and rope rescue situations such as high angle rescues.

- 25Kw Generator w/ 2

- 150' electric reels with junction box

- 4 Bottle Cascade System

- 2 Bottle 6000psi Air Bottle system with 100' air reel

- 30' 5 head light tower

- BLS Bag

- Numerous length of Chains, Cum-a-longs, & binders

- Cribbing

- HJR Rescue Strut System

2 - 79" extension

2 - 59" extension

2 - accessory bags with extra tips and ratchet straps

- Genesis Hydraulic Rescue System (Powered by a Mach III Outlaw Electric Simo Unit)

2 - 100' Hydraulic Hose Reels

1 - S49-XL Spreader

1 - C365 Cutter

1 - 55" Push Pull Hydraulic Ram

1 - 41" Push Pull Hydraulic Ram

1 - 21" Push Pull Hydraulic Ram

1 - Ram Accessory Kit

- MaxiForce Air Bag System

- Multiple Air Chissles and other hand held air tools

- Numerous Hand tools

- Over 1500' of Rescue Rope with Accessories

- 7 Scott NxG7 SCBA's equipped with "Pak Tracker" & a 6' buddy breather connection hose

5 Utility

2007 Dodge 2500

This unit is designated for low priority incidents, usually as a back-up to other units. This unit also is responsible for towing our marine unit and is usually the unit our Water Rescue team will respond in when going incidents outside of the boundaries. This vehicle also is used to transport members to and from training classes.

Radio Communications:

800mHz Digital Mobile Radio

VHF Analog Mobile Radio

(2) VHF Analog Portable Radios

Features & Equipment:

Box: Medium Medical Gloves

Box: Large Medical Gloves

Box: X-Large Medical Gloves

BLS Medical Bag

Mass Casulty Kit

Pet Oxygen Masks (count of 3)

Bag of Tow Straps

Toolbox of Small Handtools

(2) Buckets: Oil Dry

Crate: ChainSaw Parts

(2) cans of Mixed Fuel

18" Chainsaw

16" Chainsaw

Brooms & Shovels

5 Marine

Light/Generator Support