Members of the Company

Junior Members

Conner Christner

Inactive Members

Wayne Bakewell

Kevin Kudyba

James "Jim" Lawver

Jason Novak

Thomas J. O'Brien III

Scott Rohrer

Ron Sealy

Timothy Shimko

Jack Wardman

William "Odie" Zosky

Honorary Members

Carl Dellapenna, Sr.

Thomas Swoger

Lester Ward

Charles Gadd

Rep. Pam Snyder

Jack Snyder

PreHospital Care Professionals

Joe Zosky, EMT-P

Richard C Black, NREMT-P

Charles "Chuck" Gasti, Advanced EMT

Tim Sheehan, EMT-B

Brandon Bailey, EMT-B

Jordan C Sealy, EMT-B

Katelynn Finnegan, EMT-B

Emma Gasti, EMT-B

Ashley Zosky, EMT-B

Jacob S Bush, EMSVO

Ross Swords, EMSVO

William Cobin, EMSVO

Honorary Members

Wayne Bakewell

Carl Dellapenna, Sr

Thomas Swoger

Lester Ward

Charles Gadd

Jack Snyder

Pam Snyder

Relief Association

President Lew Hosler

Vice President Josh Lawver

Secretary John Weiss

Treasurer Richard C Black

Chaplain Chuck Clayton

Vice Chaplain Edward "Woody" Nicholson

Ladies Auxiliary

Alexis Zosky - President

Suzanne Lawver - Vice President

Emma Gasti - Secretary

Julie Sealy - Treasurer

Maria Fetock

Katelynn Finnegan

Beth Cook Lang

Kathy Panzone

Tami Sealy

Shannon Sealy

Bonnie Sealy

Brittany Sealy

Anne Settles

Christine Wooldridge

Kelli Yeardie

Ashley Zosky

Bonnie Zosky

Sandy Zosky

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