Knox Box Information

For all members of our community, Brownsville Fire Company No. 1 is dedicated to providing the best Fire/Rescue service possible.  Specifically for Commercial and/or residential property owners, one such opportunity to assist us to help you, a property owner or manager, in maintaining the integrity of your property in the event of an emergency we may respond to is a secure entry system.  One such system that we participate in is a partnership with a company called KNOX BOX. 

You may be asking how does a KnoxBox work? It is simple and we will explain below!

 1. The fire company gets dispatched to your address for an alarm/fire emergency.

 2. A firefighter uses his code in the KeySecure to release the KnoxBox Key.

 3. The firefighter then opens the KnoxBox and retrieves the property key(s) and opens the door without damage.

 4. Firefighting investigation or operations can begin instantly.

 1A. If there is an EMS call & noone can make it to the door, the EMS would dispatch the fire company to open the door for a medical emergency.

The Knox Home Boxes are perfect for those that may have trouble getting to a door in an emergency or disabled. The Knox HomeBox program is not limited to the examples and will work for any homeowner that wants to join the program. For those with gates on their properties, there are also gate & key switches & padlock options.

Please refer to the website links attached here in order to gain additional information from KNOX BOX specifically what type of products are available and how to get them.

Our Recommended Box is the Knox Box 3200

(For Step 3 when filling in your Emergency Responder, you need to fill in,

"Brownsville Fire Company No. 1 - Brownsville, PA"

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